Rothman - A.B. Architects and Urban Planners Ltd. is a new company that creates a partnership between Giora and Yoav Rothman and ABT PLANNERS which is a large and experienced multidisciplinary planning office that operates throughout Israel and abroad.

The company's vision is to build a leading company for multidisciplinary planning, with added value for its customers, owners and employees, in pursuit of innovation and excellence.

Our office planning vision is functionalism and maximizing the quality of living and residence experience. From the beginning of the planning process, we combine economic thinking with sensitivity to the public space and the place of the passer-by in each project.

The firm's history of activity has a wide range of projects in Israel and abroad in aspects of residential, commercial and urban planning, as well as participation and winning planning competitions.

The head of the firm is Giora Rothman, who has about 40 years of experience as an active and senior architect.

Alongside Giora, leads the company, his son, the architect Yoav Rothman.