Developer: Ayala Agam

Status: In Planning


A complex of commercial and recreation that is located on Einav Center, at the city of Modi'in's commercial and industrial center. The nine dunam lot's location is unique for it is situated on the main entrance to the compound.

What guided the planning process was the desire to create a place in which the people that work and visit in the compound will be lured to stay and spend time inside and around the complex.

In the compound, that surrounds the complex, are commercial and industrial buildings that are introverted inside themselves. These buildings mostly do not relate to their surroundings, and function as sole buildings that stand alone. Our aim was to create a place which will encourage activity outside of the confined spaces. An open space that will be pleasant for people to move about, a sort of public square which is supposed to draw inside the surrounding area.

The square is divided in to two separate levels, so to adapt to the existing topography and positioning of the surrounding streets. In each level exist commercial walls, and on the lower level. There is also a commercial wall which is in one part a wall of the building and on the other part its continuation right under the upper level ground, and so this commercial wall is an organic part of the planned landscape. The aim was to create linkage and the sense of movement between the four buildings that encompass the complex to the open space in its center and to its four entrances. All the parking lots, unloading areas and waste disposal systems are situated underground so most of the building's facades are clear from the inconvenience of the technical systems.

Total:  33000 sq./m built


Ayala 360 Project, Modi'in